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Akhil Mhasoba Utsav Mandai Trust,Pune


Our Mission

Our Mission includes helping the deprived people, helping the families of soldiers. We also help various artists from various fields and also support the budding sportspeople. We also take pride, in patronizing small finance groups and also provide medical help to HIV victims. All this is done in addition to helping those social institutions who look after senior citizens and disabled children, by supplying them with ration and other essential goods.
The ‘Dhol Tasha’ groups face a lot of problems during their daily practice, like commuting expenses, adhering to their diets, not having a proper place to practice, all these problems were ably taken care of by our trust when we gave the participants huge cash awards. Our trust has been on this mission since the last 15 years because of which some social organisations felicitated us personally and acknowledged our work generously because we don’t expect anything in return. Such encouragement motivates us to do better and continue on this path.

Our History

What is being done.. Should be done First..!!

The beginning and the first step of any big project undertaken, is always small and leaves us wondering when we achieve this big goal. When small sapling grows into a huge Banyan tree, it leaves us spell bound. Same is the story of our trust- called Akhil Mhasoba Utsav Mandai Trust. This trust was formulated in the year 2005 and it’s first assignment was to ressurect the neglected 'Mandai Mhasoba'. With the blessings of Shri Sharada Gajananda and the support of our numerous 'Karyakartes'. Till today, more than 22 years later, we have been dilligently doing this social work.

We are happy and proud share that we conducted an international World Dhol Tasha competition successfully, which got an exemplary entry into the high range book of World Records- The Marvellous Book of Records. we are proud to put this report before you as our only aim is to worship God through humanity. By the blessings of God Mhasoba, we are sure that you all are with us in this wonderful journey towards humanity.

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