About Us

A small seed should be planted and nurtured.

Today, we have feeling that we should protect it from the unseasonal wind and increase it by cultivating it properly and seeing it grow one day.

In 2005, we established this trust . The remains of the neglected ancient Mandai Mhasoba were probably written in our faith along with the support of our well-wishers and blessings of Lord Ganesha.

We started this for our God, Country and God, yet doing with same dedication and energy since last 15years.

Our process of social work is a bit different.

Reaching out to the underprivileged sections of the society, helping them, pay homage to the soldiers who are striving to protect the country, providing financial support to their families, supporting the talented sportspersons and artists, bringing them back in mainstream, encouraging women those who work in self-help groups,honoring and appreciating the same,helping old age homes and NGOs which works for physically challenged people in form of ternary food and other basic needs.

We also help patients those who are suffering from HIV or other curable/non curable severe diseases, Support them with medical services and financial help.

Like these and many other social activities, we are connected with many good organizations

Through this, many tears of deprivation were wiped out, many organizations and government officials liaised with them. Many artists, players, police officers were joined in affection.


We were glad and fortunate that we got opportunity to bring the Traditional percussion musical instrument of Maharashtra overseas.

We are proud to host the world's largest drum competition and it has become record in "High Range Book of World Records" and "Marvel's Book of Records".

This event which adds to the cultural splendor of the city of Pune and now it’s been subject for their excitement and curiosity.

We awarded  millions of rupees as prize during these grand competition as these teams go through many adversities, such as problems of drum cards, practice, cost of arriving, space, mismanagement, honorable honors, financial fraud from certain sections of society. It's a lot of work to handle this team of hundreds of people. So we decided to award the prize in form of rupees for nurturing and protecting the art from getting disappear and to encourage the teams.


Religious, cultural and social activities, which have been in existence for the last 3 years, are considered to be life-long sacrifices. No Expectations about income, awards, so that we had the sheer joy of living. Many social organizations recognized the work we did and we were personally honored with various awards. These awards strengthen the way we live today. Today, it seems gratifying to report this work in your hands, and it is a pleasure to report the work done.


However, we still want to be humble today. We are blessed with the blessings of our adorable "Shri Mhasoba" and the constant support of Shri Balaji Rao Saheb who stands firmly behind us. We are ready again to guide this path from country service to God service. May you continue to be with you and look forward to your cooperation in taking your organization from righteousness to constructive... !!

Chief Supporter 

Shri. Balaji Rao

(Managing Director & CEO)

Venky's Group


Board of Trustees

Shri. Rahul Suryawanshi

Trustee President

Shri. Nivruti Jadhav

Trustee Vice-President